1. Analyzing Blood on the Dance Floor's Live Performances & Parenting Fail (TheOfficialGATGShow mirror)

    Originally published on June 28th , 2013 .    Thank you Bilal for giving me more fuel to tackle BOTDF with the stuff you sent me . Now I see NO PROBLEM with crazy live shows but then you gotta ask yourself , " Do you watch HOW you act in front of a certain audience if the majority of them are in their early teens and younger? " Doesn't seem to cross Dahvie's mind .    [Shout out to Bilal for showing me . . .

    • 2020-09-16 09:14
  2. Dahvie Vanity Burning In Hell

    a sexual predator . Jeffree Star and New Years Day members Ash Costello and Nikki Misery have stated that they observed Vanity engage in questionable or illegal sexual behavior during a " Vans Warped Tour " and " All the Rage Tour 2012 " around the early 2010s . Many of the accusers were underage during the alleged

    • 2020-09-14 00:08
  3. Sara Riaza (sirs_mua)

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    • 2020-09-11 13:21