Jeremy Macachor - Jeremy Macachor : Jeremy Macachor

Have you been trying to find that perfect road trip album? Fear not , this may be the one ! Imagine cruising through wide-open expanses , top down… this soul-seeping stuff blasting. When I say soul-seeping , I mean it. With repeated listens , this stuff will seep into you and become such a part of you , that you’ll not be able to pinpoint exactly when/where you end and it begins. This low-tempo indietronica is fueled with just the right amount of Americana to give it a special indescribable quality that seems a perfect fit for a road-trip album. There is much to be found within this music… deserts , canyons , mountains , forests , road-side attractions , road-side distractions and of course there’s endless tarmac. So when you’re heading back from SXSW , be sure to take this along for the rid