Jermaine Lawlor

Since the beginning of the year , at least 37 people have been stabbed to death amid more than 60 killed murders in London. Put down your knife or else is a film that allows you to see the consequences of carrying a knife only you can decide what happens next. You have the power to save your life and those around you by making the right choice , choose to put down your knife or let fate decide whether you live or die. Join us in the anti-knife campaign 2018 in order to tackle Knife Crime in London. Directed By Jermaine Lawlor Is knife crime in Britain on the rise? How many stabbings took place in London and other Brit regions in 2017? 37 , 000 knife crimes offences took place from June 2016 to June 2017. The full film is out via #v4yavmedia #youtube #channel #antiknifecrimecampaign #creatin