Jim Abernethy

Incredibly Excellent news ! Thanks so much for posting it ! Video and pist by @jessebruyn.experience - Yesterday was a big win , for now , for sharks in Australia ! Queensland tourism minister @katejonescooper of @qldlabor met with scientists and tourism operators and decided they will not be deploying sharknets or drumlines in the Whitsundays. . Instead of executing another senseless killing of sharks in order to falsely provide the public with a sense of safety , they set out a 5-point plan to improve shark research and educate the public on sharks and safe swimming practices. . The five step plan is as follows: 1) $250k into shark research around Cid Harbour 2) Identify Cid Harbour as a no-swim zone until the study is complete 3) Targeted and wide-spread campaign to spread shark awarenes