1. Coronavirus 37 Doctors died in Italy 9 Doctors die in Philippines WHO ‘squandered’ its only chance

    Chinese State Media Falsely Claim U . S . Army Athlete Brought Coronavirus to China https://tinyurl . com/rcqz5dp Citing coronavirus fears , city of Miami will enact a 10 p . m . curfew starting Friday night https://tinyurl . com/vswaou3 Elmhurst Hospital in Queens had 13 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours https://tinyurl . com/vx6gkps Coronavirus Ireland latest as Simon Harris announces student nurses and m . . .

  2. Kathy Griffin’s DESPERATE Attempt at Blaming Trump for Virus FAILS MISERABLY!!!

    on the Web here https://www . turleytalks . com/fake-news-antidote————————————————————————★★★ A NEW CONSERVATIVE AGE IS RISING ★★★It appears that the D-list comedian Kathy Griffin is feeling neglected of late; it’s rather obvious that the attention-starved celebrity-wannabe is desperately trying

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    Kathy Griffin's Tribute After Mom Maggie Dies At 99, Amanda Bynes Expecting First Child | PeopleTV

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