1. Covington Catholic Lawyer Murders Dozens - MARCH FOR LIFE (Part 1) : John Ward

    New York Times' Maggie Haberman , World Record Of Losing holder Kathy Griffin , CNN clown S . E . Cupp , and Minnesotastan politician Ilhan Omar . Though the repercussions of this colossal media failure will echo for decades to come , those interested in the March For Life 2019 scandal in whole will enjoy

  2. Leaked Audio Of Kathy Griffin Calling Police On 5-Year-Old Neighbor : John Ward

    There's no such thing as bad publicity in Kathy Griffin's large-print kindergarten-level book . In September 2017 the audio of an altercation with a neighbor was captured on a security camera after Griffin and her boyfriend Randy Bick called the police on KB Home CEO Jeff Mezger's grandchildren for

  3. Kathy Griffin Sends More Death Threats Against Trump on Twitter

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  4. Hollywood Hot Take: Kathy Griffin's TDS

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