1. Reclaiming Freedom in the UK, with Laurence Fox

    Recorded on March 23 , 2021 A brilliant British actor , Laurence Fox happened to say something mildly controversial on the BBC last year—and suddenly found himself a victim of cancel culture . Instead of retreating or apologizing , Fox made the unusual choice to not just rebel but to do it in the most

    • 2021-03-30 11:34
  2. Average Investor Unknowingly Financing Firms Complicit in Uyghur Genocide—Keith Krach, Ellie Cohanim

    🔴State Department list of over 1 , 200 Chinese companies tied to the Chinese military , surveillance state , or China's military-civilian fusion strategy 👉👉👉 https://2017-2021 . state . gov/communist-chinese-military-companies-listed-under-e-o-13959-have-more-than-1100-subsidiaries/index . html “What's really sad is that the average American investor is unknowingly financing the Chinese Comm . . .

    • 2021-03-25 23:00

    Laurence Fox getting harassed on his doorstep by the filth effectively because he's running in opposition to Sadiq Khan for London Mayor on a platform of opposing the draconian Covid Lockdown madness . This is direct intimidation of a political candidate , scary stuff . Scruffy/slovenly looking

    • 2021-03-25 17:21