Let's Focus On The UK -Tyranny, Hypocrisy, Lunacy, Idiocy, & The Massive Flooding, Once, Again (MIRRORED)

Let's Focus On The UK -Tyranny , Hypocrisy , Lunacy , Idiocy , & The Massive Flooding , Once , Again (MIRRORED)Mirrored from You Tube channel neverlosetruth at:-https://youtu.be/bGYmwZFfp_YLinks to important articles , and studies are posted below. Videos of protests and flooding are easily accessible. Should you want to donate , I would very much appreciate it. I have a PayPal account under smilinrocks @gmail.com , or PO Box 2014 , Eureka , MT 59917. Thank youPlease subscribe to my back-up channels - neverlosetruth2 Kafkahttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIleIC9C2cX2l85Wx2qFM2wand https://www.bitchute