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    Vinnie Sullivan - Manchester Bombing memorial speech (FLA) demo. : Vinnie Sullivan

    INTRODUCTION TO THE REALITY REPORT MEDIA GROUP Who we are: Readers Note: WE AND OUR CONTENT ARE VERY HEAVILY SHADOWBANNED - Use Telegram links below for constant feed updates t . me/vinniesullivan t . me/therealityreport The Reality Report is a community of patriots and nationalists . Covering events nationwide that the mainstream media don't report on , due to their political bias . Here at The Real . . .

  2. Stinchfield - Tim Graham: The Media Bias in Terrorism Coverage / Stinchfield | 05/26/2017 : NRATV

    and other leading political voices , Grant tackles the issues the mainstream media won't . Tim Graham: The Media Bias in Terrorism Coverage A Look at the Mainstream Media's Treatment of the Manchester Bombing Tim Graham and Grant demonstrate the slanted coverage by the mainstream media regarding terror attacks . Stinchfield