Muhammad Arista Ramadhani

Sabang International Freediving 2018 | Sabang , Aceh - Indonesia | November 3-8 , 2018 The second most awaited event of Sabang International Freediving Competition (SIFC) 2018 by national and international divers is approaching. Held on November 3-8 , 2018 in Balohan Bay , Sabang - Indonesia's Aceh , SIFC 2018 will hopefully create more success and fun , especially for those who are seeking more challenging and exotic dive spots. Balohan Bay of Sabang , Indonesia's Aceh will totally give you a chance , not only to enjoy the beauty and the silence of the sea with your single breath , but also to explore the gorgeous sea life with the past time ship wrecks , not to mention the hot spring bubbles that will make your marine experience unforgettable. 40 divers from 23 nationalities will participate in