My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic - Smile (Smile, Smile, Smile) - Style Karaoke + HD

Lyrics: My name is Pinkie Pie , (Hello ! ) And I am here to say , (How ya doin?) Im gonna make you smile , And I will brighten up your day ! It doesnt matter now , (Whats up?) If you are sad or blue , (Howdy ! ) Cuz cheering up my friends Is just what Pinkies here to do ! Cuz I love to make you smile , smile , smile ! Yes I do ! It fills my heart with sunshine all the while ! Yes it does ! Cuz all I really needs a smile , smile , smile ! From these happy friends of mine ! I like to see you grin ! (Awesome ! ) I love to see you beam ! (Rock on ! ) The corners of your mouth turned up Is always Pinkies dream ! (Hoof bump