NUTRIMEDICAL_SHOWS_Mon_Nov_12th_2018_HourOne.mp3 - NutriMedical Report Show Monday Nov 12th 2018 Hour One - Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, Wellness Announcments, Thanksgiving Sale Nov 20th to 27th 7% Off Specials, Bob Vineyard, Pure Water Systems, SAVE 10% Shop Drop Down Menu to Pure Water Systems, 4 Phase System, Linear Charcoal, BEST Reverse Osmosis Menu, Ion Exchange Membrane, Add 4th Phase Calcium Magnesium, Dave in Souther California, 98% Recovery from Pacreatic Cancer with Dr Bill's Nutrimedical Protocols and Dr Juergen Winklers's IPT Insulin Potentiated Cancer and MAF Macrophage Activation Factor, He Had CT Scan Disappeared from Pancreas only 3 shadows of prior liver metatases, Samaratan Ministries Christian Health Share Cost,, - Dr Bill Deagle MD - Deagle Network

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