Project Mermaids

#Repost from @shawnheinrichs @bluespherefoundation “Reflecting back on this intensely challenging and inspiring @cites Mobula shoot featuring the incredibly talented @hannahmermaid and @davidlangloiss. Each night we filmed from 9pm to 4am with these darling little ‘mini mantas.’ 🦋 Behind the scenes footage was captured by the fabulous duo of @azuloceano and Liisa Juuti , who also organized all on water logistics and served as out indispensable safety diver team ! This shoot would not have possible without the critical support from @vulcaninc @backscattervideophoto @stellaprolights and @nauticamhousings. In 2016 a decision was adopted by consensus at CITES CoP17 to include all Devil Rays (Mobula spp.) in CITES Appendix II. That decision came into effect last year meaning all internat