Project Mermaids

💔 #Repost @paulnicklen ・・・ The region’s most severe red tide in over a decade is shocking the shores of #SouthFlorida. This infestation of toxic algae has inundated beaches and waterways and it is killing manatees , turtles , fish and seabirds at alarming numbers. A significant contributor in the issue is nutrient pollution from agricultural run-off , correlated to the #BigSugar industry and years of management missteps with #LakeOkeechobee. This kind of devastation to wildlife is close to my heart. I was exasperated and heart-broken to see marine life killed by a red tide back in 2015 off of North America’s west coast in Alaska. Help me to put pressure on political forces to save South Florida waters; visit the link in my bio to sign a petition. Top veterinarians we’re on loc