Red Ribbon Specialties - Pearls for a Cause

25% OFF Oysters & Jewelry " WELCOMEBACK " 🎁NEW TREASURE BAG GAME🎁 $80 per bag. ** Guaranteed Oysters and Jewelry. 10% of ALL sales are donated to HIV/AIDS organizations to assist further research and treatment for those who cannot afford it. I AM PLAYING COPYRIGHT AND ROYALTY FREE MUSIC. 👉 Place your orders at for today's show 👈 Games range from $10-80 🐥DUCK POND🐥 $40 per duck , always a winner Comes with 1 🍪 Minimum $40 value 🔴 Every “RED” pearl gets a free “Silver Plated Ribbon Pendant”. GO RED. 🔴 #livepearlparty #pearlsforacause #pearls #oysters #jewelry #shopping #games #pearlparty #pearl #RRS