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    EP.844: Coronavirus Threat- Can We Develop a Vaccine Before it Becomes a Pandemic?

    On this episode of Going Underground , we speak to Dr . Thomas Breuer , GSK Vaccines’ Chief Medical Officer about the Coronavirus threat . He discusses how long it would take approximately for a vaccine against Coronavirus to be developed , the threat of Coronavirus mutating during vaccine development , competition between other Big Pharma companies to develop the vaccine , GSK’s troubled relationshi . . .

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    Brexit-Steve‏  - Last one on Rishi Sunak for tonight Here Rishi educates Chuka Umunna , positively explaining why the UK can do its own trade deals and benefit from free trade around the globe , without having to rely on the EU Post-31 January , the UK's future is indeed bright

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    Brexit-Steve‏  - Brexiteer Rishi Sunak in November's election debate “Everyone [{was}] frustrated that Parliament has been stuck on Brexit " We all want to move on , get Brexitdone , because there’s so much else that we have to do , to unleash the potential of a proud , prosperous and united Britain”

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    Brexit-Steve‏  - Back in July 2019 , Rishi Sunak (now Chancellor) showed that he had the right approach to dealing with the bullies in Brussels Negotiate with the EU in a spirit of friendship and determination , but turbocharge our No Deal preparations in case they don't want to do that Spot on !