Soulful Intervention

Meditation IS Breathing. 🌬️ ----- After an amazing conversation with my King @ascending_lion , I decided to act upon making changes in the areas that needed it most , so i started with myself. I sat down and started breathing deeply in through my nose , and out through my mouth. I did this a few times till reached a relax state , and expressed my gratitude. It felt good to even make room for myself to JUST BREATHE. ----- I never understood what it was like to love myself , until I became aware of my very actions that were inflicting harm. Now I'm too aware to not care , time to make these changes ! ----- 🎶I'm gonna make a change , For once I'm my life It's gonna feel real good , Gonna make a difference Gonna make it right🎶 -MJ ----- #makeachange #michaeljackson #womaninthe #mirror #m