Super Mario 74 ~ 0 Stars in 3:5828 by DennisBalow & ReneBalow (TAS)

Super Mario 74 ~ Tool-Assisted Speedrun Played on a Nintendo 64 Emulator. Super Mario 74 is a game hack of Super Mario 64 made by Lugmillord This Tool Assisted Speedrunwas played by me and ReneBalow. This was played on an Emulator with Savestates , Slowdown , Rerecords and Frame by Frame. For more information about this TAS visit: We are satisfied with our time now. Its possible that another route could be faster , but we tested a lot of routes and strategies. Thanks to these people: ▼ReneBalow´s Channel▼ Subcribe him: (A big thanks for helping me with this TAS ! ) ▼non5en5e´s Cha