Telangana Elections 2018 : కేసీఆర్ పై చంద్ర బాబు నాయుడు ఫైర్ | Oineindia Telugu

The fact that the candidate is going to contest any candidate for the Telugu Desam Party in Greater was a suspense. The constituencies have not been finalized , but the constituents are not aware about the seats. That evening , the future of Telugu Desam candidates declared. #Chandrababunaidu #trs #cmkcr #telanganagovernment #tdp ముంద‌స్తు ఎన్నిక‌ల్లో ఓ ప్ర‌ముఖ గ‌ట్టానికి తెర‌ప‌డ‌బోతోంది.  [more]