Telangana Elections 2018 : చంద్ర‌బాబు పై ప్రకాష్ రాజ్ సంచలన వ్యాఖ్యలు | Oneindia Telugu

Prakash Raj has been accused of being a nationalist sensitive in the BJP government. Controversially , the central BJP government has directly questioned the fact that Modi was opposed to the ban on big banknotes executed and how many crores recovered black money to India. Recently , the BJP and the Telangana politics are back in the news. #PrakashRaj #chandrababunaidu #trs #BJP #Congress #TelanganaElections2018 ద‌క్షిణ భార‌త చ‌ల‌న చిత్ర ప‌రిశ  [more]