Tesla News Today! - Elon UNLEASHES Vital Tesla Change! Musk Did WHAT? - Tesla News Oct 1 2020

In this episode of tesla news today , let’s talk Elon Musk’s vital tesla change for the tesla model 3 , and tesla (tsla) stock price analysis for 2020 ! Does this confirm that LFP batteries are about to make Tesla Model 3 FAR more affordable? We’ll also look at some big tsla stock market news for today , and Elon Musk’s twitter updates ! We’ll also cover Tesla news , such as a big lucid Air sedan update , Elon Musk’s SpaceX starship upgrade , and other Tesla news for today ! DON’T MISS ANY OF THIS TESLA NEWS ! BE SURE TO 1. LIKE , 2. SUBSCRIBE , 3. SHARE , 4. HIT THAT BELL ! New videos coming