1. Trading_Tech

    Splitting allows you to manage a claimed care order by breaking it into two orders that can be executed separately . The split order can then be stitched with another care order and executed more efficiently as a spread . #OMS #TTtips https://library . tradingtechnologies . com/trade/stp-stitching-and

    • 2020-09-16 12:04
  2. Attention To Detail (attentiontodetail.cgn)

    🇺🇸 If you wanna be a good ball handler you need to have a lot of things going right . The cone drill shown here puts an emphasis on quite some things you need to focus on . 1️⃣ drop low on the split 2️⃣ quick feet from parallel to split 3️⃣ hanging the ball in the air 4️⃣ change direction and

    • 2020-09-14 07:38
  3. Nāc Uz Nāves Salu - Song Of The Latvian Riflemen (Version 2)

    The Latvian Riflemen were at the start of the war a formation of the Imperial Russian Army and it was assembled in 1915 , to help defend the Russian Empire' Baltic territories . Latvians hated the Germans(specifically Baltic Germans) and so , this formation enjoyed a heavy flow of volunteers desiring to stop the German Invader . They took part in the " Christmas Battles " , an attempt to break german lin . . .

    • 2020-09-08 00:06