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    Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth on Instagram

    Thoughts? #Amazon CEO #JeffBezos announced Monday a $10-billion plan to tackle what he says is the most important threat facing human beings: man-made #globalwarming . Bezos is pressing forward with what he dubbed the #BezosEarthFund , an initiative he hopes will spur investments to find climate solutions . His statement came as Amazon workers continue to threaten a mass walkout over the company’ . . .

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    Hilton Head Island , South Carolina - 🇺🇸What is a “split”? Split is when you are able to move both feet while the ball exchanges the hand . If the ball doesn’t exchange the hand , it wouldn’t be in the “split” category , it would be in the “drop” category ! ☝🏼 - - 🇹🇷”split” nedir? Ayaklarınızı öne

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    Ancient Methods – A German Love

    A German Love [MP202] Composed by Ancient Methods Taken from the split EP with Theologian 'La Saignée' ========================================== Video / hectic laboratory Special thanks to Degenerotika for the hats , leather jacket and furry coat as well as Studio Obectra for the sleeveless . .

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    of live experience in bands) and crossing it with the flexibility and adaptability of a DJ to smoothly blends songs into what we now call the “Split Second Express” . It features 2 LED percussionists along with accent percussionists to deliver the best of both worlds with a new twist . We don’t just provide entertainment . . . . we create it ! . . . . @splitsecondsound #djcompany #djlife @steviestix @dj_drop #entertainmentcompany #corporateevents #corporateentertainment #fundraiser #fundraiserevent #dj #djentertainment #percussionist #percussion