The_Dr_Roni_Show_Miracles_of_Holistic_Health_and_Wellness_The_Toxic_Impact_Stress_Has_On_The_Body_How_To_Manage_Stress_Heal_P_T_S_D_and_Related_Illnesses_with_Frannie_Sheridan.mp3 - We all know stress is bad for the body, but did you know stress can also be toxic? Yes,toxins build up in the body, the lymphatic system, cortisol levels and other stress hormones, literally exhausting the body and creating toxicity. In a fast paced world with high demands and life's challenges, stress becomes the number one killer, creating great strain on the heart and the body's ability to remain in a calm state rather than always be responding to fight or flight. As Dr Roni talks about the body and how detoxification can calm the body down and restore the body's hormone levels, induce lymphatic flow and address stress related illnesses, like heart disease, Frannie Sheridan, joins in the conversation to teach us about stress management and the beauty of laughter and its healing effects. Frannie travels the Nation teaching stress management workshops, performing her comedy and sharing her inspirational writing about her own journey to healing and about how people can heal from serious stress related injuries like P.T.S.D. This show is going to marry the impact of stress on the body and the healing aspects of detox and humor that lead to overcoming chronic stress! - Dr. Roni De Luz

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