Top 10 Endangered British Cars Documentary. Old And Rare Cars in UK Today. History of Cars in UK.

List most endangered British cars: 10. Triumph Acclaim 1981-1984 9. Hillman Imp 1963-1976 8. Vauxhall Chevette 1975-1984 7. MG 1100 1962-1971 6. An intersting Documentary on the British Legend of cars: Jaguar XJ IMPORT VS MUSCLE CARS: Make Money Online With Surveys: Jaguar : History of . List Top 7 Triumph Saloons Cars. Classic Triumph Cars 7. Triumph Vitesse 6. Triumph Herald 5. Triumph Dolomite 4. Triumph 2000/2500 MkII 3. Triumph . A new three-part series documenting the history of the British Touring Car Championship first Broadcast on ITV4 in February 2014. The series tells the insi