LMFAO ! ! ! 😩😩 First of all old head is a straight G‼️ Second of all @machinegunkelly got the fuck out of there like I was about the hold the place up ! 😳 #Nah I’m just here to save ya fucking life #QuitSmoking You Beavis and butt head looking motherfuckers😩 Ohio I’ve been here since yesterday And ain’t seen 👀 a Decent wife yet ! 😒 I mean goddamn majority of the wives out here are Built like melted ice cream ! 😧 #FuckAllThat A wife is a wife. And a job is a job ! This fake ass Hawk hogan remind me of myself tho ! 🤔 Bandanna Wearing stubborn motherfucker‼️But it’s only one #Imtyrone And that also rhymes with #nosmokezone🚭 Followed up with a #Slap👋🏿 So the next time yall want to meet up on some king of the hill shit ! 😩 #Mumbles And have a quick smoke bre