This episode of RECIPE? ! was inspired by some frozen empanada wraps and my best friend Natalie ! Don't miss this brand new episode of RECIPE? ! The popular series by hot for food that shows every step of how a recipe develops from idea to delicious ! In this episode I made filipino-style empanadas with veggie ground round , tomatoes , onion , garlic , five-spice , chili powder , vegan oyster sauce and mashed potatoes. The dipping sauce was concocted from a leftover black garlic cashew cream sauce I had in the fridge and I freshened it up with lots of lime juice , cilantro , parsley , and chives. These were NEXT LEVEL delicious ! I found the pre-made empanada wrappers at No Frills. You could also use my pierogi dough and just roll it thicker and cut out larger circles as well ! DOUGH RECIPE #hotforfood #ve