1. island of dr moreau

    Director: John Frankenheimer Actors: Marlon Brando , Val Kilmer , David Thewlis , Fairuza Balk , Daniel Rigney , Temuera Morrison , Nelson de la Rosa , Peter Elliott , Mark Dacascos , Ron Perlman , Marco Hofschneider Genres: Action , Horror , Sci-Fi , Thriller Country: USA Release Year: 1996 Duration: 96 min

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    Val Kilmer says prayer treated throat cancer, not tracheotomy

    Val Kilmer is opening up about battling throat cancer — sort of . In a profile for the New York Times , the " Top Gun: Maverick " star talked to journalist Taffy Brodesser-Akner about his medical journey that resulted in his losing his voice and getting a tracheostomy tube . But according to the actor , he never had cancer .