Wii Party U | How to Win ALL 4 Player Minigames | Helpful Tips on How to Win Mic'd Up (MU)

Please enjoy this video of Goblin Griff as he plays all 4-player minigames on Wii Party U in Advanced Mode. We play all our games with commentary and try to offer helpful tips. If you find the tips helpful , please consider liking and subscribing. Here's a list of the Wii U Party Mini Games: * random/lucky games Balloon Boppers Jumping Target Face Flippers No Goals Barred Close Knit Snap Judgement Pose Pros Symmetrical Suits Recipe Recall Space Zappers Big Bang Blasters Lap Happy Fruit or Scare One-Two Punch Balanced Diet Apple Scramble Water Walkers R/C Drifters Match Mii Cliff Riders Super Snow Sliders Star Pupil Heart Targets Sitting Pretty Twisted Flight Pool Party Cage Chomp Mii Vaulters Domino Tally Shutterbird Freeze ! Token Drop Safari Hustle Balance Broncos Maze Malaise Sno