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    Raven Chacon Mini-Festival Poster

    , a portrait concert devoted to Raven’s chamber music , played by the Array Ensemble , featuring a newly commissioned work . The third concert will feature Raven’s electronic amplified noise-music . In between , will be a selection of songs from Raven’s “For Zitkála-Šá” , a book consisting of 15 musical scores written for

    • 2019-04-04 22:56
  2. Zitkala Sa

    WATCH: Zitkala Sa was a voice for Native Americans at a time when their culture was all but erased . She was and continues to be an inspiration for us all . We will continue her legacy . On Thanksgiving especially , it is so important to honor the contributions of Native Americans throughout history

    • 2018-11-21 21:30
  3. Suplemento Ojarasca

    EL GRAN AFUERA . UN ENSAYO SOBRE NUESTRO LUGAR EN EL MUNDO , por la poeta chiksaw Linda Hogan . En OJARASCA . En las historias naturales europeas , lo frecuente era que la imaginación humana se proyectara al mundo exterior . La Historia Natural de Plinio por ejemplo era un mapa errático del mundo real . Había humanos con cabeza de perro que sólo podían ladrar , hombres con la cabeza en el pecho , y ge . . .

    • 2016-08-15 00:17
  4. American Women's Literature, 1847 to 1922 : Various

    LibriVox recording of a collection of 20 short stories and long-form poetry by American women writers . (Summary by BellonaTimes) Includes selections from Mary E . Wilkins , Kate Chopin , Louisa May Alcott , Alice Dunbar , Willa Cather , Lola Ridge , Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman , Fannie Hurst , Zitkala

    • 2010-04-04 00:00