#240 5-17-19 It's Treason, Says Trump

Rumble — 00:00 Urban campers01:00 Free speech on campus03:00 It's " Treason , " Says Trump [incorporates Trump's beautiful black wall]09:00 Beware The Christchurch Call20:00 Is Tony Robbins A Giant Monster?59:00 Hospitality Industry Protects Illegal Immigrants1:06:00 Black abortion rates , Eddie Murphy , Adam Sandler1:22:00 BOOK CLUB: Shakey by Jimmy McDonough2:00:00 Hollywood Stars Boast Of Their Abortions [incorporates Emily Ratajkowski Gets Her Kit Off , Again]2:05:00 Stephen Colbert mocks farmers plight2:10:00 Surprise ! #MeToo Has Made Men Afraid Of Women2:15:00 Ontario Considers Banning " Offe