⁣THE JESUITS PLAN TO DESTROY THE BIBLE https://www.bitchute.com/video/L0g3gm27mpwj/ Luciferian Jesuit Priest attacks Biblical Scriptures in favour of Venusian pseudo-science Note: Once again we witness a Jesuit attack on the Biblical scriptures. The Earth does not evolve around the Sun at all , the Sun revolves around the Earth. Even half of the vile Jesuit Order knew this and it was proven but the lies had to be pushed in order to hide true-science. If one understands that the Sun revolves around the Earth then one will understand how it is possible to create anti-gravity. The Jesuits are the masters of science both true and false , they feed you what they want you to know and nothing else. Notice how all the observatories are owned by the Jesuit Order. May I remind you that the Jesuits h