Voicemail Harassment 12 July, 2015 5:28 PM

This stalker/harasser was call blocked , but not before he left these 6 voicemail messages. There were only a fraction of the ongoing , obsessive stalking and slanderous harassment by this creep. See the Greene File at http://wrathful-spirit.tumblr.com/ for screenshots and screencaps revealing this psycho's harassment across Facebook , Twitter , etc. The victim blocks him , so he simply makes a new user ID and starts again; bypassing the blocking. Known aliases for him are " Evan Greene " , " Jenn Greene " , " John Doe " , " Stu Ungerstu " . Usually , he simply creates some minor variant of his actual name - Chris Greene - enough to bypass blocking. Facebook , Twitter , etc. are nearly useless when it comes to reporting him. He's Canadian and his targeted victim , Melissa , is American. This has made the usual legal recourse too difficult. Peel Regional Police in Mississauga , ON , aren't as cooperative as they could be. He has violated several Canadian laws , but since the targeted victim is an ordinary American... He thrives on her distress and seeks attention online from others. He portrays himself as the victim of the very situation he has created and continues creating. Everything that he accuses her of is , in reality , what he has been doing to hurt her. His own self-description. She's been trying to avoid him and go on with her life; he's up to something else entirely. Please feel free to share this video and the tumblr link to others. Online harassment and bullying is real and does hurt real people. Melissa could just as easily be your mother , sister , cousin , best friend , etc. Or maybe you think the whole thing is just funny. I don't care why you share , just share this , please.