Walt Whitman - To Thee, Old Cause!

TO thee , old Cause ! Thou peerless , passionate , good cause ! Thou stern , remorseless , sweet Idea ! Deathless throughout the ages , races , lands ! After a strange , sad war--great war for thee , (I think all war through time was really fought , and ever will be really fought , for thee;) These chants for thee--the eternal march of thee. Thou orb of many orbs ! Thou seething principle ! Thou well-kept , latent germ ! Thou centre ! Around the idea of thee the strange sad war revolving , 10 With all its angry and vehement play of causes , (With yet unknown results to come , for thrice a thousand years , ) These recitatives for thee--my Book and the War are one , Merged in its spirit I and mine--as the contest hinged on thee , As a wheel on its axis turns , this Book , unwitting to itself , Around the Idea of thee.Walt Whitmanhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/to-thee-old-cause/