Welcome to the Steem Beach Embassy

# # # Because Every Steem Ambassador Should have it's own Embassy... # # # # # # I show you the one at the Beach.---A week ago I've been named ***Steem-Ambassador*** by teem-ambassador , so the first thing I thought was about an Embassy as an office and what is better than the Beach? ! [f5.png]( Checking my stuffs I found the Steem flag I have been using for some events and thought about raise the flag in here and make a Steem Embassy to promote the Blockchain. ! [f2.png]( So here it’s…. the flag under the sky is looking at the beach and empowering myself all the time I see the sea waves , to think about how to spread the word in a more efficient way. ! [f1.png]( ***Thinking about coming to Punta del Diablo’s beach…?***Just come to the Embassy that you will be more than Welcome ! ! [f4.png]( --- # # SEE THE VIDEO IN [HERE]( e/ # ! /v/leotrap/s2eiczci)---[ ! [follow_leotrap.gif]( ***Peace V ! *** ▶️ DTube ▶️ IPFS