White Montmorillonite Pain Relief Testimonial

Montmorillonite , microscopic crystals forming a clay that for the last decade has created a stir within the holistic health industry. So much so that only recently BASF , the chemical giant was just approved by the FDA to use it for animal feed in agriculture because of its ability to non chemically treat for disease and nutritional issues. How does it work? Montmorillonite has a negative electrical charge where as toxins , bacteria , viruses , parasites and other animal toxins carry a positive ionic charge. When the mineral crystal is taken into the body , the positively charged toxins are attracted to the negatively charged surfaces of the crystals. The microscopic crystals respond like a magnet , attracting the toxins and impurities to its surface , attached to those crystals they are expelled through the digestive track. Though human trials have yet to approved by the FDA , there is already a strong following by those who already use the crystals whether in raw or milled form to treat what ails them. From poultices and face creams to acne and muscle cramps , many are calling this crystalline clay the Real Magic Crystal. White Montmorillonite , the main ingredient in Bentonite is what gives healing clays their power/ionic energy. As clay enthusiasts are growing in numbers every day they are learning more and more about what exactly makes the clays they use so powerful. They are beginning to understand that when it comes to clays , less is more.