Who's The Best Harry Potter Character? MOVIE FIGHTS

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is out this weekend so we decide the best Harry Potter/Wizard World character and more on MOVIE FIGHTS THREE FIGHTERS WILL ENTER , BEST ARGUMENT GETS THE POINT , FIRST TO FOUR WINS ! ! How To Vote Live: 1) TURN ANNOTATIONS ON AND OFF - Do this by clicking " Settings " AKA the gear icon on the bottom right of video (next to the full screen option) -Turn annotations off and on again (do this each time there is a new poll/question to refresh) 2) CLICK ON THE POLL TOP RIGHT CORNER OF VIDEO -Scroll over the white circle with an " i " in the middle (aka The iCard) and cast your vote ! - You can change your vote as the round progresses ! - Repeat each round ! VANESSA GRITTON vs JOE STARR vs ED GREER TODAY'S ROUNDS: 1. Who is the best character in the entire Harry Potter/Wizarding World movie franchise? 2. What movie should never be remade under any circumstances? 3. What's the best movie starring or featuring a professional wrestler? 4-7. SPEED ROUNDS Submit your own #SpeedRound questions in the comments below and we might pick yours for the show ! Be sure to use the #SpeedRound in your comment so we know you're submitting a question Use #MovieFIghtsLive on Twitter ! Download the audio version on iTunes ! at our RSS Feed ►► http://apple.co/1Mw3boz Become a Screen Junkie ! ► http://bit.ly/sjsubscr Got a tip? Email us ► feedback @screenjunkies.com Follow us on Twitter ► http://twitter.com/screenjunkies Like us on Facebook ► http://www.fb.com/screenjunkies Hosted by Hal Rudnick Fact Checker: Billy Business Social Media Ambassador: Danielle Radford Produced by Billy A. Patterson Writing/Research: Lon Harris Production Engineer: Josh Tapia Production Coordinator: Ryan O’Toole Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand Who's The Best Harry Potter Character? MOVIE FIGHTS #HootHoot #OwlNation #GaHooligans